About BiS

Business in Surrey (BiS) is an independent collective of Surrey’s leading business event brands, networking groups and business support organisations, that ALL work together to support fellow businesses within Surrey. As well as the events, we have this independent signposting and supportive website.

The BiS partners events include:

The Surrey Business Expo

Surrey’s largest business expo

The BIG BiS Networking events

The largest gathering of networking groups and their members

The BiS SME Conference

Surrey’s only independent conference open to any SME within Surrey

The faces behind BiS

Steve Page

Founder of Surrey Event Professional (SEP) and co-founded Surrey Charity Network with Paul Marcus. Steve has over 25 years of experience within the events and hospitality industries. He co owns the BiS group and supports all their events, leads on the BiS networking, and operates the BiS website.

When not working on BiS projects, Steve’s main focus is running the SEP networking and business support organisation for fellow event, wedding and venue businesses from across Surrey.

Paul Marcus

Former MD of Eagle Radio, now running PM Media and co-founded Surrey Charity Network with Steve Page. Paul have over 30 years of experience in media and business management. He co owns the BiS group, supports all their events and leads on the BiS Conference.

When not running the BiS projects, Paul’s main focus is his business and media consultancy business, in which he supports a wide range of businesses from Surrey and North Hampshire.

Paul Bridgland

Founder of Connect Surrey and The Surrey Business Expo, which he now co runs with Steve Page. Paul has over 30 years of experience within various businesses and networking. He co owns the BiS group and supports all their events, leading on the Surrey Business Expo.

When not running the BiS projects, Paul’s main focus is the running of his highly successful business breakfast networking events across Surrey.

The BiS structure and supporters

Business in Surrey (BiS) is operated under the umbrella of Surrey Event Professionals and the SEP Group, which is headed by founder Steve Page.

The annual BiS events are all run in partnership, as detailed above with Paul Bridgland and Paul Marcus.

Supporting all the BiS events is our ever expanding and very supportive BiS Networking Partners which currently includes Business Buzz Surrey, Connect Surrey, Corporate Escape Club, Fabulous Networking, Federation of Small Business (Surrey), First Friday Networking, LinkedIn Locals, Omni Local Business Network, Network My Club, Ribbons Network, Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Surrey Charity Network, Surrey Event Professionals and Zoco Networking.

As explained BiS is operated under the SEP Group.

SEP is primarily a networking and support group for event, wedding, and venue businesses. Within this SEP group, along with Paul Bridgland and Paul Marcus they run BiS. Another part of the SEP Group is another collaborative partnership run with Paul Marcus and is called Surrey Charity Network (SCN). SCN is a networking and support group for charity professionals, which is covered in more detail below. For more details about Surrey Event Professionals, visit their main website.

The Surrey Charity Network

The Surrey Charity Network (SCN) is an organisation that supports over 70 (and ever expanding) Surrey charities. The group has a strong connect to the BiS collective, as it is run by BiS partners Steve Page and Paul Marcus.

SCN is a networking, support, corporate collaborator which also puts on fundraising opportunities all for FREE to any Surrey charity part of the collective.

This is independent support group for charities, has not government or grant funding, just the generous support of the SCN Charter Members. A group of charity minded businesses from across Surrey who support the group.

To find out more about their work, the charities involved and how your business can be part of this amazing collective, along with the mutual benefits to your business, visit our website today.