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Business Networking is an essential part of any business’s growth and equally important their support network.

But not every networking group is for everyone.

  • Some are industry focused, some target particular business levels and demographics
  • Meetings take place at a variety of times from early morning, daytime and evenings
  • Ranging from very informal, semi formal to others which are quite rigid in structure
  • With frequencies from weekly, fortnightly, monthly and ad hoc, for one to three hours at a time
  • There really is a group for everyone with over 100 meetings to choose from every month across Surrey.

However, to help navigate the best one’s for you, check out the list below. With further advice on networking listed at the base of this page.

Our networking top tips!

Networking is valuable and can lead to ideal clients, partnerships and a valuable support network for you and your business. It can also be fun, a place to engage with like-minded business folk who understand the struggles and can become business friends, so also ENJOY IT.

New to networking:

  • Visit a few networking groups before you decide to join any
  • Work out which ones suit your availability, time, business, and demographic
  • We suggest you join a few, most people getting the best from networking are members of 2-3 groups, with a mixture of fortnightly, monthly, and ad hoc meetings.

Pre the event:

  • Have a plan or strategy of what you want to achieve
  • Practise your ‘pitch’, for that ‘what do you do?’ question
  • Have you enough business cards and know where to park, plan your visit!

At the event:

  • Listen at least twice as much as you talk, it’s surprising that by asking open ended questions, how you can discover from listening ways you can support.
  • Smile and be friendly to ALL, it obvious to most, but not to all. You are your brand, business and message in all you do, including the way you interact.
  • As people at networking invest in people, it’s ok not to talk all about business. Often a found mutual interest or ideas, is enough to connect. So, feel free to ‘chit chat’ too!

Post event:

  • Follow up, link up on LinkedIn, send a message saying it was good to meet them

  • Make sure you have that 1 to 1 with at least one person from the event

  • Share that event and connections you met on LinkedIn, that will quickly expand your network.


  • Even if you feel a person at the event isn’t a natural fit for your business, they know 100’s of other people, some of which will be your ideal clients!
  • The giver’s gain! Go to networking with the sole mindset to see how you can support others, this mindset will then be returned in your favour.
  • You’ve set valuable time aside and paid for this networking event. So make the most of it, be friendly, interact, ask questions, listen, follow up and have those 1 to 1’s. Networking is a serious marketing role.

Common problems:

  • Networking takes time, it very unusual to gain any business at your first few meetings. Attendees need to see you regularly, see you’re committed and learn about you! Once they know, like and trust you, they will start recommending and using you.
  • Don’t hard sell. If you provide a business service, they will know what that means, so no need to hard sell it. People at networking buy from people! Networkers invest time and energy into people they know, like and trust. So be consistent, helpful and reliable then work will follow, if you don’t hard sell.
  • Don’t be rude! Again, a seemingly obvious one. But butting into and taking over a conversation is rude. Not giving others a chance to speak is rude. So be nice, people remember how you make them feel more than your business details and will invest in good people, that make them feel good.

Final tips:

  • ‘In what way?’ This is a great three word phrase to help any conversation. If someone say’s they’re busy or had a stressful day, ask ‘In what way? it’s a great supportive phrase that also shows interest.
  • Look out for others that maybe shy or not involved in a conversation. They will remember your support, it’s a nice thing to do and who knows, they may be or know your ideal client!
  • You send time, money and effort on your social media, website and other marketing streams. Networking for most SME businesses is the most valuable opportunity to expand. So give networking the same attention to detail you’d give on your other marketing streams, if not more.